Our Partners

We believe that solid partnerships are one of the keys to success. Pegasus is backed by a $600 million commitment from EnCap Investments, one of the nation’s premier energy investment firms. Additionally, we have partnered with Tilden Capital, LLC as our acquisition team. Tilden has a long and successful history sourcing and closing mineral and royalty acquisitions, specifically in the Permian Basin.

EnCap Investments
Since 1988, EnCap Investments has been the leading provider of venture capital to the independent sector of the U.S. oil and gas industry. The firm has raised 21 institutional oil and gas investment funds totaling approximately $37 billion and currently manages capital on behalf of more than 350 U.S. and international investors.

Tilden Capital
Tilden Capital is an independent oil and gas investment company based in Fort Worth, Texas, and serves as Pegasus’ acquisition team. Tilden takes pride in its excellent reputation in closing mineral transactions, and focuses on dealing discretely with mineral owners while providing timely negotiations with flexible terms.